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The CEO of Chrisley Asset Management and a reality TV personality, Todd Chrisley, has become an example of a progressive self earner. He is a real estate tycoon who has worked hard to gain fame and money. As hastily his assets grew. It fumbled downwards as the market crash in 2008 led him to take loans to cover the cost. By 2013, Todd had reached the bottom financially with over $49.4 million of debt which led him to take a loan of $4.4 million from his wife, Julie Chrisley. Michael Todd Chrisley who is renowned as Todd Chrisley is an American businessman, real estate personnel, Producer, reality star and actor. In 2012, he filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection against a debt of $49.4million.

Todd Chrisley Real Name, Age, Date of birth, Net worth, Children’s, Marital status, wives

  1. Date of Birth-
    6 April 1969
  2. Todd Chrisley Real Name/Full Name –
    Michael Todd Chrisley
  3. Todd Chrisley Net worth 2018-
    $5 million
  4. Age –
    49 Years Old
  5. Marital status –
  6. Todd Chrisley Wife –
    Julie Chrisley
  7. Children’s –
    Five (3daughters and 2 sons)
  8. Mother –
    Faye Chrisley
  9. Father –
    Gene Raymond Chrisley
  10. Granddaughter –
    Chloe Chrisley

Todd Chrisley Birthplace, Nationality, Hight, weight, Profession, Ethnicity

  1. Todd Chrisley Nationality –
  2. Todd Chrisley Birth Place –
  3. Todd Chrisley Height –
  4. Todd Chrisley weight –
  5. Todd Chrisley Ethnicity –
  6. Todd Chrisley Profession –
    Television Personality Entrepreneur, Businessperson.
  7. Todd Chrisley Net worth 2018 –
    $5 million

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Todd Chrisley Wiki / Bio / Biography

todd christley Wealth

Todd Chrisley Family and Earley Life

On 6 April 1969 Todd Chrisley was born as Michael Todd Chrisley in Georgia, USA. His family had a simple small-town life in Westminster, South Carolina. He is one of the three children born to his parents Gene Raymond and Faye Chrisley. His father passed away in 2012. Todd Chrisley has two brothers Randy and Derrick.
There is no information about Todd Chrisley education.

Todd Chrisley Wiki / Bio / Biography

Todd Chrisley is a popular American television star and a successful real estate tycoon. But he is best known to the world as the television star appearing in a reality series called “Chrisley Knows Best“. He is the head of the Chrisley family. He along with his wife and 5 children are seen on the show which has been running since 2014.

Since 2017, Todd has been hosting a variety talk show. According to Chrisley where he brings his unique point of views about marriage, Parenting, and relationships. He is also an avid singer, who has recorded various songs, including Infinity Love a duet with Sara Evans. But even after numerous accomplishments, he still has a net worth of negative $5 million.

Personal Life Of Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley has been married twice. His first marriage was to his high school sweetheart, Teresa Terry.
They got married in 1988 and had their first child Lindsie the following year on September 17, 1989. Their second child Son Kyle Chrisley was born in 1991. Their marriage, unfortunately, ended in divorce in 1996.
So After from Teresa, he married former beauty queen Julie Chrisley in May 1996. The couple has three children together – Chase, Savannah, and Grayson.

Todd Chrisley Net Worth / Income / Salary / Wealth

Todd Chrisley is a businessman. He mostly handles work in real estate. According to Wikipedia, There are cases when the real estate business staggers tremendously. It can get so bad that it’s no longer profit marginalization but incurring of losses. In 2012 he filled for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection against a debt of $ 49.5 million. Todd Chrisley Net Worth is $5 million as of 2018. In 2017 Todd Chrisley Net Worth was approx $4 million.

What is Todd Chrisley Net Worth 2016: – $46 Million

Net Worth of Todd Chrisley 2017: Approx $4 Million

This year in 2018 Todd Chrisley Net Worth: Approx $5 Million

Social Media

Todd Chrisley is an active social media user. He has over 382k fan following on Twitter and 1.7k million on Instagram and similarly over 2.2 million fans following on Facebook.

Important Facts about Todd Chrisley

  • Once he recalls that one of his most cherished childhood memories was when he and one of his brother would Jump on their bicycles and ride as far as they could go. Unfortunately, Todd never allowed his own children to ride bicycles alone as he believes it is unsafe.
  •  Chrisley sexual orientation has been an issue of debate for as long as we can remember. His Son Kyle came out openly in 2014 to accuse his father of being gay but Todd Chrisley has denied being gay.
  • Todd Chrisley Car -He always enjoys riding over fancy cars that are discovered with great power of glitzy sprees


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